•  Cross Strait Workshop on Arithmetic Geometry

    March 5-8, 2019

    Room 610, Morningside Center of Mathematics, AMSS, CAS




    Zongbin Chen (Tsinghua University)

    Chuangxun Cheng (Nanjing University)

    Pin-Chi Hung (Soochow University)

    Yongqi Liang (University of Science and Technology of China)

    Meng Fai Lim (Central China Normal University)

    Ruochuan Liu (Peking University)

    Nai-Heng Sheu (Academia Sinica)

    Yasuhiro Terakado (Academia Sinica)

    Ye Tian (MCM & AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

    Jilong Tong (Capital Normal University)

    Xin Wan (MCM & AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

    Haoran Wang (Tsinghua University)

    Shanwen Wang (Fudan University)

    Fei Xu (Capital Normal University)

    Jiangwei Xue (Wuhan University)

    Chia-Fu Yu (Academia Sinica)

    Chao Zhang (Academia Sinica)



    Xu Shen (MCM & AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

    Jiangwei Xue (Wuhan University)

    Chia-Fu Yu (Academia Sinica)



      Mar. 5, Tue Mar. 6, Wed Mar. 7, Thu Mar. 8, Fri
    9:45--10:45 Ye Tian  Fei Xu Yongqi Liang (8:50--9:50) Jilong Tong
    11:00--12:00 Shanwen Wang Ruochuan Liu Chuangxun Cheng (10:00--11:00) Nai-Heng Sheu
    2:00--3:00 Yasuhiro Terakado Xin Wan Haoran Wang (11:10--12:10) Zongbin Chen
    3:15--4:15 Chao Zhang Pin-Chi Hung   Chia-Fu Yu
    4:30--5:30 Jiangwei Xue Meng Fai Lim    


    Title & Abstract:




    Useful Information:


    You can take the following 3 vehicles and then go to hotel or conference building by walk according to the local maps below.

    l Airport Shuttle

    Taking airport shuttle line 5 to Zhongguancun (中關村) Station (the last station) which costs about 30 Yuan. 


    l Subway

    Taking subway line 10 to Zhichunlu (知春路) or Zhichunli (知春里) Station which costs about 30 Yuan from airport or 5 Yuan from train station. 


    l Taxi

    Taking taxi to Baofusiqiao (保福寺橋) which costs about 100 Yuan from airport or 50 Yuan from train station. You can print the following message and show it to taxi driver.



    Please take me to the Liaoning International Hotel.



    All speakers will stay in Liaoning International Hotel. http://www.liaoninginternationalhotel.com 


    Local Maps






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